We pride ourselves in providing the following services to our clients.


Provide consultation work to clients and advise them on how best to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives while engaging their customers with good user experience.

App Development

Mobile application development for the Apple iOS, watchOS and tvOS platforms as well as the development of back-end services running on the Linux operating system.

Creative Services

Specialising in 3d and 2d computer animation using cutting edge motion graphics techniques as well as providing illustration and web design.


Voxel Beast Limited was created by André and Géraldine in 2009 to bring together the years of experience they have in delivering high quality products.

Registered in:
England and Wales
Registered office:
  • 86 Birch road
  • Farncombe
  • Surrey
  • GU7 3NU
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    VAT number:

    Our amazing team

    André Jacobs

    Managing Director

    Innovative and talented Software Engineer with more than fifteen years of professional experience across different industries ranging from fortune 500 financial corporations and triple-A video games to award winning startups.

    Géraldine Jacobs

    Creative Director

    Experienced Animator and Graphic Artist in both traditional and digital animation techniques with over ten years of professional industry experience ranging from stereoscopic global television projects to triple-A video games.


    Here are some of the clients we have provided our service to.

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